Dollar Tree stores have been popping up all over the United States.  They are widely popular because you can get anything for just $1.  Well, NOT ANYMORE!

News broke a few weeks ago that the store would be changing prices.  The changes will take place in all stores but it has not been released when the complete price changes will happen.

Here is what the Dollar Tree Facebook rep had to say when asked about the prices increasing;

We are testing additional price points above $1 in selected Dollar Tree stores in order to deliver more amazing values to our customers. We remain fiercely committed to our mission of bringing you extreme value every day, along with more thrills, more fun, and NEW items every week! Items priced above $1 will still be an incredible value for the price and will be clearly marked.

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Dollar Tree CEO has told the media prices will vary and start the increase at $1.50 and will go up to as much as $5 for some items.  Their goal is the make prices from $1, $3, and $5.

The reason prices are increasing is for the same reason many other things have gotten more expensive.  The price of delivery and freight has gone up so much the increase was needed.  It isn't just the Dollar Tree stores prices are going up in a lot of chain stores.

Many of the stores with changing prices will also change their name to Dollar Tree Plus and these stores will offer not only the $1 items but also $3 and $5 items too.  A few examples of items will be clothing, higher-quality electronics, home decor, and more.

I wonder how Chad's mom, Judy, is taking the news.  She is a major Dollar Tree crafter she even belongs to a Dollar Tree DIY group.

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