I don't get caught of guard in the grocery store all that often. Alas, it happened over the weekend. Just imagine, you are scanning the toilet paper/wipe section (I'm not ashamed!) and this black packaging jumps out at you. Dude Wipes? Seriously, and I'm sorry for being politically incorrect, it's 2016 (chuckle!) but 99.9 percent of wipe packaging is white or light blue. In other words, soothing. What is happening?

I don't always have my phone on me when I stop in the store just to grab a few things, yes, I purchased wipes. I had to take a picture, but there was a nice lady trying to shop, I think, for toilet paper about two feet away. How could she not see Dude Wipes?!? A friend pointed out to me later, the blue sticker at the bottom left-hand corner, "BIGGER". Picture me shuddering a little bit. Honestly, I think the creators have a point. Even the wipes that not for babies are never ever big enough.

I have a question for the dudes, does the black color and fancy, Tron-like font on the packaging entice you enough to buy them? And, would you use them?