Halloween was always a big deal at my house. I mean, what did you expect? A drama teacher, with access to costumes, stage make-up, and props, wouldn't like Halloween? Never.

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Halloween Parties For The Whole Family

I would throw the best parties. Family-friendly parties that were epic. Many of my theatre friends would contribute to the happenings at the party. From sound effects to lighting to Halloween-inspired food, we had all other spooky bases covered.

Costumes Were Amazing

All of the family, my husband, and kids would dress up, even my mom and dad. One year my dad was a fly. The kids were young and didn't know what to think of grandpa's weird costume. He was, of course in character and buzzing about everywhere. My friend's husband, in 1999, dressed up like the Y2K bug. One Year, I dressed up as Medusa, rubber snakes in my hair and all. That was my favorite costume ever.

Fiendish Food To Be Had

As you know, I'm not a cooker. So, I relied on my friends from the Home Ecom=nomics Department to make us a fest fit for the Addams Family. I remember having a brain cheeseball, hard-boiled bloodshot eyes, mummy wieners, bloody brains (ramen noodles with red food coloring), witches brew with a floating ice hand that kept it cold and so many more.

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