If you have these FIVE ingredients, you can make these healthy, egg-free, allergy friendly spider Halloween treats!

My daughter has to bring a special Leader Day snack to her class once a month. I've made it my mission to try to be as creative as possible with the task because my life isn't crazy busy enough! Ha!

These little guys were really easy to make and so fun. All you need is brownie mix, a can of pumpkin, pretzel sticks, icing, and M&Ms.

I replaced the oil and eggs with the can of pumpkin and made them in mini-muffin tins to the package directions. You can use oil and eggs if you want but there's a child in her class with an egg allergy, plus I love getting extra veggies in! If you need a gluten-free option, check your local grocery store's bakery aisle for a gluten-free mix.

Then, we poked the pretzel sticks in the mini brownies after they cooled. I used a small screwing motion and they went in a little easier.

Then, I added a dot of icing (all I had was white but chocolate is probably better) and placed the M&Ms on the top. You could probably use Skittles or any other small round candy. I placed them in a plastic container and separated the rows of spiders with a paper towel to protect the legs.  How easy is that?


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