This famous museum in Illinois lost millions of dollars from an employee's illegal operation.

Illinois Is Home To One Of The Most Famous Art Museums In The World

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When you think of Illinois, of course, Chicago immediately comes to mind. It's a world-class city with many famous attractions. One of the most popular is the Art Institute. Visitors come from all over to experience it for themselves. The museum is filled with priceless items.

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New Survey Ranks Chicago's Art Institute Top Museum In The World
Employee Steals Millions From Illinois Museum

Huge Robbery Of The Art Institue Of Chicago

When I read that the Art Institute of Chicago was robbed of millions, I immediately made up this scenario in my head. I was thinking of some elaborate scheme like in the movie, Oceans 11, where the crew steals a bunch of rare paintings. Of course, I was way off.

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Some Rockford Guy Was Caught On Camera Stealing A Gazebo And We Can't Deal
Employee Steals Millions From Illinois Museum

$2.3 Million Stolen From The Art Institute Of Chicago

This is not what I expected. An employee stole $2.3 million from the Art Institute of Chicago. He was able to embezzle the cash because he worked in the payroll department. He committed the crime over several years. He was able to steal the money by creating fake paperwork and putting the dollars in his own account. Officials discovered the illegal activity and shared the information with the local police. They arrested the suspect.

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Employee Steals Millions From Illinois Museum

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