Erica Noel Owen served the community of Owensboro valiantly until her life was cut short last July. She died at the hands of an ex-boyfriend and she had filed a domestic violence order against him. Erica's aunt Martina wanted to honor her late niece's memory by creating a tangible memorial to remind those who are victims of domestic violence they are not alone. 

Martina began asking for donations of plastic items in the form of lids, bottle caps, any type of plastic top. Her goal was to get enough plastic to get a couple of memorial benches made out of the recycled materials and to have them placed around Erica's community.

Martina Greer Billings/Facebook
Martina Greer Billings/Facebook

Nine of these purple benches will be arriving in Owensboro this week. The benches will be placed at the Oasis Women's Shelter, the RiverPark Center, Daviess County Middle School, Burns Elementary School, Hampton Inn South, Menard's, and out at Owensboro Regional Hospital.

As Martina says in her post:

"It is our hope that the person that sits on this bench will be able to rest, reflect, catch their breath, maybe even fall in love or gather the courage to make a life-changing, a life-saving decision and get help to leave their Domestic Violence situation! We miss our Spunky, Beautiful Erica every day!!"

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