Want to know what happens if I type the words "Mexican food" or "Mexican bar and grill" or just plain "taco"? You guessed it. I immediately start CRAVING it.

So if I can get through this without taking a break and running down to Ernesto's Mexican Bar and Grill for a quick burrito fix, I'll consider that a success story. Of course, eating a burrito is a success story, too.

But yeah, Ernesto's.


I'll never forget driving home a couple of summers ago--when I lived behind Wesleyan Park Plaza--and saw what looked like smoke billowing from the restaurant's roof.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

While Ernesto's had to be closed for a while to repair and renovate, Ernesto and Oscar Martinez were able to open back up relatively quickly and it's thrived ever since. I'm not sure there are too many Kentucky towns that love Mexican food as much as Owensboro does.


So Owensboroans will be happy to know that Ernesto's will soon be adding a SECOND location. Oscar broke the news on social media Tuesday:

<div class="m8h3af8h l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf n3t5jt4f"><div dir="auto">To all our customers and friends,</div><div dir="auto"> </div><div dir="auto">Ernesto, Said, and I would like to thank everyone for all your support. We are excited to announce that we will be expanding Ernesto's Mexican Bar and Grill. Coming soon we will have a second location at 2065 E Parrish Ave Suite 100 here in Owensboro, KY 42303. We will announce more about the grand opening soon.</div><div dir="auto"> </div></div><div class="l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf jikcssrz n3t5jt4f"><div dir="auto">Thank you Owensboro for all your support and keep supporting local businesses!</div></div>

Naturally, no business owner ever wants to deal with a fire, but the 2020 blaze happened fairly soon after Ernesto's opened. And THAT opening had been delayed by COVID.

But the sun is shining brightly on the Martinez family, of late. And soon, the sun will SET on Ernesto's as it opens a second location on Owensboro's west side.

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