Southern Comforts is Owensboro's newest spot for made from scratch southern cuisine. It's a family-owned restaurant and is now open at the Campbell Club for lunch, pickup or delivery only.

Southern Comforts via Facebook

We all know that southern food is great comfort food. Right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can only order lunch from 11am to 3pm. You can call 270-240-1715 to place your order. The menu changes each day so be sure to check first.

Southern Comforts via Facebook

I had the chance to talk with Shannon De Lozier about why she opened in Owensboro. "Owensboro is a wonderful town and the people are very welcoming. We moved from the D.C. area a while back and it's just so southern and hospitable here. I just want to be involved and give back to this community." Shannon said.

I went on to ask about her heritage. Shannon let me know that she's Italian and loves to feed people until they surely can't eat another bite. "I was raised in the country, in southern Maryland. My parents were really poor and only went out to dinner once a year on their anniversary. It just made me so happy to hear about what they ate and where they went out, when they got home. Since I've been in the restaurant business my goal is to give others that same experience. Whether you go out five times a week, or just once a year, I want it to be memorable, special and fun."

I asked her what's her favorite food to cook. "I like to cook any and all comfort food. I just love to cook anything that will make someone happy. I'm also willing to try a recipe that your great-grandmother used to cook. Share it and describe it and I'll do my best to replicate it, so you can have that touch of home. I've done that through the years when catering events and parties. Everyone needs that nostalgia and I want to help bring back those memories. "

The Campbell Club has such a rich history and it's refreshing that it won't be by membership only anymore. What made you fall in love with this place? Shannon made it seem simple. "I just fell in love with it. I fell in love with its charm, the stories and how it truly belongs to the people of Owensboro. I want everyone to embrace the history, while enjoying some delicious southern cooking. While we are currently only available for lunch and catering, I'm excited and ready to open the restaurant for all to experience."

Southern Comforts at the Campbell Club

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