Today on the WBKR morning show, we asked you this question- What's something you taught yourself to do by watching YouTube videos?  We received a ton of responses: from changing alternators to repairing washing machines to making slime.  Mike Greenwell of Evansville shared something interesting.  He learned trophy catfishing from YouTube . . . then decided to pay it forward by creating his own "how-to" show.  You can watch Mike's techniques and see what he catches because of them.  And he's reeling in some pretty big fish.  Check it out!

In addition to showing folks how to reel in a trophy catfish, Mike also shares videos that show what to do with them after you catch them.

If you'd like to check out more of Mike Greenwell's videos, you can subscribe to his channel on YouTube!  Of course, keep an eye out for him at local fishing tournaments and charity events.

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