It's hard to believe we are talking about summer break plans!  When my boys were young they always went to summer day camp and loved it.  Here are some of the local camps offered-->I, am of course very fond of the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Day Camp, because I was the director for many years.  The staff is amazing, they are American Camp Associated Accredited, and they always know how to entertain the kids!  The kids have a very structured schedule with no room for boredom to set in!

When I was growing up I attended the Family YMCA Summer Day Camp.   Now my son, Tucker, attends and loves every single minute of it.  The Owensboro Family YMCA is awesome and the Youth Camp Director, Samantha Lipscomb, who I am quite fond of has been implementing new activities and making it super fun!  She worked under me as a Day Camp Counselor and eventually a Supervisor at the Owensboro Parks for years and she brings with her lots of creativity and organization.  Not to mention she is like part of our family so we trust her tremendously!

The Salvation Army also offers a Summer Day Camp.  I have heard wonderful things about it as well.  This camp seems to be a bit smaller than most others in Owensboro.  I know they do lots of education activities with the kids!

Salvation Army FB
Salvation Army FB

The Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club in Owensboro also offers Summer Day Camp.  They have two different locations.  One in Heritage Park and also one in Rolling Heights.  They provide lots of activities for the kids and make it a super fun summer!

It is such a blessing to know we have so many options when it comes to planning for summer.  Make sure to ask lots of questions, take a tour, and meet the staff before you pick a camp.  Don't just take my word for it.  Each camp is unique and meets the needs of different children.

Now that I am grown I look back and realize my camp days both being a camper, counselor, and supervisor were some of the best days of my life.  I think every child should experience summer camp!


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