Tim Piazza loves coffee. A one time employee from "the early days of Penny Lane Coffeehouse" according to his website, Tim has taken that life-long love and made it his business with the Evansville Coffee Company.

What began as a side hobby in January 2017 in a custom-built concession trailer has since transformed into a full-blown "commercial roastery utilizing state-of-the-art roasting and packaging systems," with an ultimate goal of opening his own coffeehouse in downtown Evansville where residents can enjoy a variety of coffees from around the world.

So what makes Evansville Coffee Company different than the others? How about coffee tailored to your personal taste? Well before roasting begins, Tim will assess your coffee maker to determine the correct grind, and ask questions about the type of coffee you prefer. Do you like it mild? Perhaps you prefer a stronger, richer flavor? Maybe it's somewhere in between. Whatever the case, only after a thorough assessment geared toward your tastes, preferences, and equipment will the grinding and roasting of your personalized blend begin. Constantly monitoring coffee trends around the world, Tim selects only the best beans for brewing from countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Kenya, and Mexico then creates your ideal blend using a meticulous blend of science and precision.

But he doesn't stop there.

Piazza will check in periodically to follow up and make sure your coffee taste exactly the way you want it. If any part of the flavor is just the slightest bit off, or your tastes change, he'll fine-tune your recipe to make sure it's exactly how you want it.

Obsessive? Yes. And proud of it. So much so, "we obsess about getting everything right so you don't have to" is stated in the business's brochure.

We recently made the switch to Evansville Coffee Company here at the station, and the difference in flavor is mind blowing. Nothing against the previous coffee, it served its purpose, but the blends we've been getting over the past few months have opened the staff up to a whole new coffee world most of us didn't know existed. We're learning that coffee is more than just hot, bitter, brown water that helps us wake up in the morning. It can, and should, have a deep flavor you can enjoy without having to kill the taste with cream and sugar.

For more information, including delivery of your personalized blend directly to your home or business, visit the Evansville Coffee Company website.

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