Cracking your window isn't enough, it's still illegal to leave your dog in a hot car! 

Dog waiting for his owner

It seems like every Summer we see this happen, and every Summer we see warnings posted, but it is illegal to leave your pet in a hot car.  Even if the window is cracked, that is still not enough to eliminate the danger of heat stroke.

Today Evansville Police Department took to Facebook to post a reminder, that even though temps have been cooler than normal, hot, humid weather will return soon and it is not safe to leave a pet in the car.

Highs in the 70's, lows in the 50's? Who knew June would be this cool! But high temperatures, high humidity will return next week so now is a good time to remind everyone about dogs being left in cars. Below is the Indiana Code and the Evansville Municipal Code.

INDIANA CODE 35-46-3-7
Abandonment or neglect of vertebrate animals; defense
Sec. 7.
(a) A person who:
(1) has a vertebrate animal in the person’s custody; and
(2) recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally abandons or neglects the animal; commits cruelty to an animal, a Class A misdemeanor. However, except for a conviction under section 1 of this chapter, the offense is a Level 6 felony if the person has a prior unrelated conviction under this chapter.
(b) It is a defense to a prosecution for abandoning a vertebrate animal under this section that the person who had the animal in the person’s custody reasonably believed that the vertebrate animal was capable of surviving on its own.
(c) For purposes of this section, an animal that is feral is not in a person’s custody. As added by P.L.193-1987, SEC.10. Amended by P.L.171-2007, SEC.8; P.L.111-2009, SEC.12; P.L.158-2013, SEC.558.

6.05.040 Prohibited acts.
(A) No person shall do the following prohibited acts:
(13) Leave an animal unattended in a vehicle when conditions in that vehicle would constitute a health hazard to the animal.


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