The Evansville Police Department keeps the public up to date with any scams that we need to know about. The latest warning is kind of a weird one. Someone is calling people and telling them that he is Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin and that their identity has been stolen. What's the point of this scam? I'm not really sure but some people just have too much time on their hands.

I love that our Police Chief can joke around about this person who is claiming to be him. There are apparently several people (Or it's all the same person) who like to give Chief Bolin a hard time.

Sign of Weird Times

Someone made this sign and has evidently been driving around Evansville with it.

B. Bolin
B. Bolin

Chief Bolin didn't shy away from it either. He posted this for everyone to see how crazy someone can be.

I continue to learn new things about myself. I wonder if I received a trophy for my runner up status in Vegas???
— feeling funny. ~ Billy Bolin

Let's Start a New Trend - 'Bollin Rolled'

I'm sure you've heard of 'Rick Rolling'. This is a prank using Rick Astley's song 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. This can be in a meme, on paper, or on the phone. So, let's say this scammer calls you, here are two ways to 'Bolin Roll' him

  1. Have 'Never Gonna Give You Up' ready to roll next to your phone, just in case he calls you.
  2. Hopefully, the scammer's number shows up or you can ask for it so you can call him back. Once you have the number, go to this site Comedy Calls RickRollEnter his number, fill out this simple form, and hit call! I tried it on my own phone number, and it legit works.

Apparently someone is calling people and saying they are Chief Bolin and telling them their identity has been stolen. If you receive one of these calls, it is a scam, just hang-up on them. Or, you can treat them like Chief Bolin would and toy with them a while, the longer you keep them busy with nonsense, the longer they won't be scamming other people.

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