It Takes a Village is taking care of a very sick puppy, but his vet bills are stacking up.

Photo by It Takes a Village
Photo by It Takes a Village

Meet Tiramisu! He's an adorable little pup, and for as tiny and cute as he is, this little guy is a true fighter.  He came to ITV when he was orphaned at only 3-days old.  He is now very sick.  Tiramisu is currently hospitalized with an unknown gastrointestinal infection.  He may be sick and in pain, but his spirit is still bright as his foster mom said he wagged his tail and was happy to see her when she visited him at the vet.  His vet bills are already over $1,600, and ITV is asking for the community to help them cover this little fighter's bills.  If you can donate, please do.  You can make a donation by clicking here. 

You can follow ITV on Facebook for updates on Tiramisu, but here's the latest:

Tiramisu has been in our care since he was orphaned at just three days old. He needs our help now more than ever as he has been hospitalized at U-Vet since Thursday with an unknown gastrointestinal infection. His condition is guarded, but he wagged his tail for his foster mom today. And if he is going to keep fighting, so are we. Unfortunately, the bill is already over $1600. Will you please consider donating so we can keep giving the best to animals in our care and helping vulnerable animals in our community?


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