Sweet Molly was born blind and with a cleft palate, It Takes a Village needs help funding her surgery.

It Takes a Village

Molly was born at It Takes a Village, and she was born with her eyes open. That meant she was blind. Due to issues with her eyes they made the call to have them removed as they could cause infection and a lot of pain for Molly, plus she couldn't see anyways so they weren't of much use.  They also found she had a cleft palate which needs surgery. She had to be tube fed the first 8 weeks of her life.  Once her cleft palate is fixed she will be able to eat without limitations!

It Takes a Village

Besides her rough start to life, Molly is by all accounts a normal puppy. She's playful, loves people, and is a huge cuddle bug! Her surgery to fix her cleft palate is coming up soon, September 3rd.  The surgery will cost a couple thousand dollars, but it will mean a life without limitations for Molly. So ITV is needing help to cover Molly's surgery.

Thank you to Madeline for helping raise awareness about Molly, allowing me to share her stories, and dedicating your birthday to her! You can help Madeline out, here!

Thank you ITV for not giving up on Molly and giving her a chance at the long healthy life she deserves!