This story will inspire you.  Bryan Taylor, who grew up in Ohio County, Kentucky, has just published a new book that is dedicated to his late wife, Kailen.  Even if you don't: A love story details how they met, fell in love and braved a grueling battle with cancer.

Bryan C. Taylor
Bryan C. Taylor
Bryan and Kailen met in church in November of 2009 and were married just over a year later . . . in December of 2010.  Just two short years later, in 2012, Kailen was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer and she, alongside Bryan, fought bravely for three years.  However, on September 15th, 2015, Kailen succumbed to the disease.
But her spirit continues to live on  in Bryan's heart and, now, it soars on the written page. As you can see from the cover art, Kailen Combs Taylor is listed as a co-author on the project.  In so many ways, this story and this book are hers.
Bryan says, "We waged war with cancer, and repeatedly fell in love with one another all along the way. During those unspeakably tumultuous and agonizing days, we learned lessons about our love for one another and about God’s love for us. And ultimately, it is those lessons, accompanied by the harrowing love story, that I’ve attempted to distill and display to my readers in Even if you don't."
Bryan spent two years writing the book and, as of last Saturday, it's now available at Amazon.  In fact, you can order your copy by CLICKING HERE.
And I absolutely love this description of it . . .
Narrated with heartrending candor, this harrowing love story will make you laugh, cry, and frantically turn the page, often all at once. And long after you finish the book and fall back into the hectic fray of life, you may just find Kailen’s message still resonates in your heart — that life can be a fairy tale even when it’s a tragedy.
Though he is originally from the small Ohio County community of Matanzas, Bryan now resides in Frankfort, Kentucky.  But, with the power of a pen (or, rather, an iMac) he is sharing his story all over the world.  Bryan writes about and discusses grief topics in a series of blogs called Confessions of a Widower.  You can read access them at
You can also follow Bryan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @bctaylorauthor



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