If you or someone you know is expecting, here's a way to get an extra sneak peek of the baby, while helping students learn!

If you or someone you know is expecting, you know how exciting it is to get to see the baby on a sonogram.  When my sister in law was pregnant with my nephew, I couldn't wait for her appointments to be over with so she could send me photos and I could see him grow!  Sure in some photos he looked a little bit like a blob and sometimes it was hard to tell which part of him I was looking at, but dang it he was my little nephew blob, and the cutest one I've ever seen!

USI's Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program has a chance for you to get an extra peek at your growing baby with free sonograms! Now these sonograms are not diagnostic, they are strictly for educational purposes, so it's a great way to give you an extra view of your baby, while the students in the program get to learn more about sonography.

Now it is by appointment only, so if this sounds interesting to you, send an email to USI1dms@USI.EDU to set up a time!

It looks like these will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-2:30 October 2nd-November 27th at USI.

Here's the flyer for more info (a big thank you to a friend who took this photo and let me share it!)

Photo credit: WKDQ
Photo credit: WKDQ






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