Reface Apps have become an increasingly popular pastime.  You can literally trade faces with any celebrity you want and put yourself in a video.  IT'S HILARIOUS.


Angel here and earlier this week Brent Garder (otherwise known as Brently) shared a really fun app called Reface with me.  He showed me all the fun videos he had made and I was literally in tears from laughter so I had to tell y'all.

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Basically, you take a selfie (you know you take them) and upload it to the app.  Once you have uploaded a selfie you can transform yourself.

According to the google play store here's some of the stuff you can do:

- Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters with our amazing faceswap technology.
- Play with live face swaps, gender swaps.
- Be amazed by the face changer.
- Share your awesome face swapped clip or funny meme as a GIF or video to messengers and social media.
- Try face swaps with new videos and GIFs posted every day.
- Use the photo animator to bring images to life and share them with the world.


Reface rolled onto the scene in January of 2020 right before the pandemic hit.  It quickly became a favorite when everyone was on lockdown for fast and fun amusement.  It was nominated for the Google Play Users Choice Awards in 2020.


  1. Download the app
  2. Choose and upload your favorite photos of you and your friend's faces
  3. Pick from 1000's of videos and GIFs to face swap

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Reface Apps have become an increasingly popular pastime. You can literally trade faces with any celebrity you want and put yourself in a video. IT'S HILARIOUS.

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