How do you use Facebook? Wait, they are actually called Meta now but you can still log in to Facebook on your computer or use the FB app on your phone. I usually check it on my phone, but when I need to write something, at this moment, I log in on my laptop. I would say for about a month now when I go to log in online, I'm asked to take an additional step to verify my account. There are a couple of options to verify, I usually choose to enter a code that's sent to my email.

However, I kept wondering, is everybody's process to log in like this now? And, is it a legit process?


I was checking Facebook on my phone a couple of days ago, and I got a pop-up notice that read:

“Turn on Facebook Protect for your account by 17 March 2022. After that, you will be locked out of your account until you enable it.”

Whoa! What is this? I actually still haven't figured out what steps to take on my phone just yet, but I did some digging, and Facebook Protect is legit. But there is a catch, not every user is subject to it, for now. The program uses a two-step verification and there are a host of apps that will help you do just that. We have one here at work that takes an additional step to verify our email logins.

Meta's head of security said the goal of Facebook Protect is to increase two-step verification use among highly targeted communities.

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I know at least once a week, I keep seeing messages from friends whose accounts have been hacked. I always change my password if this happens, it hasn't happened in many, many years, but will Facebook Protect completely keep account hacking from happening?

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