Grab your towel and sunscreen because beach season is officially kicking off in Illinois.

Believe It Or Not, Going To The Beach Is A "Thing" In Illinois

Unless you've experienced it for yourself, you probably didn't know that going to the beach is actually a "thing" in Illinois, especially in Chicago. With the northeast corner of Illinois on Lake Michigan, we have quite a few beaches here.

Growing up, my parents didn't like going to the beach, so I didn't find out about the Illinois beach scene until I was in high school. When my friends and I started getting our driver's licenses, we began exploring Chicago. That's when we became regulars at Oak Streat Beach on Lake Michigan.

It was a lot different from going to beaches in places like Florida but we still had a lot of fun hanging out there. The sand was hot and rocky with the water being cold and rough but it was all we had so our group loved it.

When Do You Think Is The Official Start Of Summer?

I realize there is an official date for the first day of summer and this year it's June 21st. I don't really agree with that. In my world, the summer season is Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. The beaches in Illinois agree with me because that's the official beach season in our state.

According to,

According to the Chicago Park District, the 2022 beach season begins Memorial Day Weekend and runs through Labor Day.


Swimming is only permitted at beaches during the season when lifeguards are on duty, which is 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. each day.


Swimming anywhere else along the lakefront is not permitted.

For more info, HERE.

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