I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and stumbled across a new list from OnlyInYourState.com.  That particular site picked up an in-depth analysis from Roadsnacks, an online site that combed through crime and population data to pinpoint Kentucky's ten most dangerous locales.  According to that study of recent FBI statistics, Owensboro is the 8th Most Dangerous City in Kentucky.

Surprised?  You may be even more surprised to discover other cities that made the list and cities, like Louisville and Lexington, that didn't.  To see the full list, CLICK HERE!

I was surprised to see that Paducah topped this list.  Naturally, people equate larger cities with elevated crime rates. But this survey of stats focused on the number of violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents.  And, over the last year, Owensboro certainly had its share of violent crime stories- most notably of which was the double homicide of two teenagers at a Whitesville party.

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