I consider myself to be an avid skywatcher. I love getting away from the light pollution of the city and just gazing up into the night sky. There is something about it that makes me feel like me, and my worries, are really very small in the grand scheme of the universe and I find that comforting. In my sky watching, I have never seen anything like what was spotted over the midwest and surrounding states a few days ago.


Seen Across Eight States

There were 150 reports from people across eight states including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Alabama in the early morning hours of Friday, July 22, 2022. The fireball reportedly was seen shooting across the sky at 12:52 am Central Standard Time.

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Caught on Video

In addition to the 150 reports, the American Meteor Society, which was first founded in 1971, has received more than a dozen videos of the fireball blazing across the night sky.


But What Is a Fireball

If you are wondering what exactly a fireball is, you're not alone. It turns out it is just an exceptionally bright meteor. They can appear to look white as well as blue, red, and very rarely even violet.

What To Do If You Spot a Fireball

If you happen to be lucky enough to spot a fireball streaking across the sky, you can report your sighting to the American Meteor Society. They ask that you try to make mental note of some specific details if you spot one.

If you happen to see one of these memorable events, we would ask that you report it to the American Meteor Society, remembering as many details as possible. This will include things such as brightness, length across the sky, color, and duration (how long did it last), it is most helpful of the observer will mentally note the beginning and end points of the fireball with regard to background star constellations, or compass direction and angular elevation above the horizon.


Meteor Showers Happening Now

If you're up for a little skywatching, now is a perfect time. There are a number of meteor showers taking place right now that are visible across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and beyond including the Alpha Capricornids and the Perseids. Learn when these two showers are expected to peak for maximum viewing payoff!

[Source: American Meteor Society]

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