Everyone has little things that get on their nerves at work right?  You spend more time with these people than your own family it's bound to happen and we want to hear about it.


Pet peeves can sometimes seem petty but they're not.  If it bothers you it matters.  Now let's go ahead and say if it happens once or twice it isn't a big deal but when it becomes a weekly occurrence it can ride your nerves fast.


Angel here and I'd be clueless to think I haven't done something that gets on a co-worker's nerves from time to time so I get it.  Pet Peeves don't mean you're a horrible person nor does it change the quality of your work it just says maybe you need to be more aware of others and how they feel.


You'd think people were aware right?  Not always and more often than not it is probably something they don't even realize or mean to do.  I remember when I worked for the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department someone would always misplace staplers.  We couldn't find a stapler or a pair of scissors in that place to save your life.  I don't think in almost 11 years did we figure out where those two things were hiding.


When we decided to have this discussion we polled everyone who was present in the office and came up with five pet peeves we think you can relate to;

  1. Knocking on a closed office door when you can clearly hear the person having a conversation with someone else or on the telephone.  If the door is closed it usually means a person is busy and your cue to come back.
  2. Not cleaning up after yourself in the break room. Empty the coffee pot, throw away your trash, and if you spill or dirty something wipe it up. Your momma does not work here so please clean up your own mess.
  3. Office visitors who overstay their welcome.  We all love a good chat but when you're cutting into the workday it's time for you to wear a rut in the rug and get back to it.
  4. When people take office supplies that don't belong to them.  Seriously, I can't tell you how many times a week my pen goes missing from my side of the studio desk even after I've put my name on it.  I have an idea of who it might be but I won't name any names Save Dencer.
  5. People who take your crap off the printer or don't refill the paper when it runs out.  This is a pretty simple one.  If it isn't yours leave it and if you use it all fill it back up.

Remember these pet peeves are all in fun but for real if you recognize the behavior own it and try to fix it.  I know I can relate to some of these myself and need to be more aware.

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