If you or someone you know owns a Ford F-150, you want to be aware of a recall that has to do with its seatbelts. Ford announced the recall of nearly 2 million F-150 pickups because of an issue that involves the seatbelt having the possibility of starting a fire. Sounds strange, right?

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According to NBC News,

The problem involves a device known as a pretensioner, which uses a small, pyrotechnic charge, much like those found in airbags. But, in this case, they are designed to cinch a passenger’s seatbelt tight when a crash is detected to reduce the risk of injury or death.

The problem with the pretensioner is that it can create excessive sparks when they deploy which leads to smoke and even a fire inside of the vehicle. Ford is aware of 17 cases of smoke or fire reported in the United States, as well as six more cases in Canada.

The vehicles involved in the recall are 2015 to 2018 Ford F-150 model-year pickups produced at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan, plant from March 12, 2014, to Aug. 23, 2018, as well as those assembled at a plant in Kansas City from Aug. 20, 2014, to Aug. 23, 2018.Folks who own a vehicle that is included will be notified by Ford in the coming weeks. The repairs will come at no cost to owners of the F-150 trucks included in the recall.


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