Since River Harbin made his way into this world he has been fighting for his life.  He has been waiting for years for a heart and today he is getting one!  His family is asking for prayers.  Here is River's story -->

River Harbin was born on March 12, 2015 to Zach and Brittany Harbin. River was born with a heart condition called cardiomyopathy; he was given only an 18% chance of survival before birth. River was born in Indianapolis and directly taken to Riley’s Children’s Hospital, where he was immediately a known fighter for his life. He still proves to be a fighter. River had open-heart surgery at 7 days old and was listed on the 1A heart transplant list, however, he has not yet received a new heart. After 6 weeks, he improved so much that he was released from the hospital to go home with his family. He has had many checkups with his doctors at Riley’s over the last 3 years along with managed outpatient care and daily medications at home.

He is 4 years old, and his latest stay at Riley Children’s Hospital has now been since December 2, 2018. He has had multiple surgeries, one with a Berlin Heart being placed and ECMO due to his heart not working well enough for survival. He has endured a brain bleed, kidney failure, collapsed lungs multiple times, RSV, and many other complications all through the 2018 holidays and his 4th birthday to present day. Since December 2, 2018, River has had 2 open-heart surgeries, 4 brain surgeries, and MANY other procedures. He had his 4th brain surgery on Valentine’s Day putting back in his bone flap. River continues to fight through the worst of outcomes and shows what miracles truly are. River was relisted on the heart transplant list on February 20 as a status 1A. He will not leave the hospital this time until he receives a new heart.
River is living proof of answered prayers! He continues to shock doctors constantly with his will to fight to survive. What we take for granted with each beat of our heart and each breath we breathe, this little guy fights for daily!!

Riley’s Children Hospital has taken care of River and our family with the utmost care, love and support. Everyone at Riley’s in our eyes has become a part of our Harbin tribe!

Please set your alarms and join us in prayer daily at 3:12 pm (River’s date of birth). We believe the Holy Spirit is healing this very special little fighter, and we also believe in the power of prayer! You can also follow River’s Facebook page and become one of his Prayer Warriors at

God Bless you all and keep the prayers coming for this little boy of ours!

As a parent I cannot imagine what his parents are going through.  Many prayers for everyone.  We will continue to update as we know more on River.

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