Tin Man on Franklin Street closed their taproom in May of 2018, and just over a year later the building is going up for auction.


Tin Man was a brewery/restaurant on Evansville's west side. They closed the restaurant part and just had the taproom open for a while. Unfortunately in May of 2018 they closed their taproom. Since then the fate of the building on Franklin Street has been unknown, but now it's up for auction.

According to Wilson Auctions, the sealed auction began on 7/24 but is going on through 8/21. There will be inspections on August 9 from 4-5PM, August 14 from 12-1PM and August 20 from 12-1PM.

The building has a newly renovated restaurant space, large bar, a kitchen, serving kitchen, a warehouse, patio seating, and much more!

If you're interested, click here for all the info!

I hope to see life brought back into this building. I always thought Tin Man had a great location and the building itself I've always thought was stunning. I hope someone can turn it into something great!



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