The Immaculate Parish Annual BBQ & Raffle is happening this weekend in Owensboro. The community is invited to stop by and grab some chicken, mutton, pork, and burgoo.


Coming up this Saturday, September 26th, 2020 from 1PM – 3:00PM you can get your fill of some delicious food. Visit The Immaculate Church at 2516 Christie Pl. in Owensboro for a spectacular spread of barbecue. Advanced orders can be taken at 270-683-8374 or 270-683-0689.

Raffle drawing will be at the Saturday 4:30pm Mass.

The Immaculate via Facebook

Here's the MENU so you'll know before you go:

Pork and mutton will be offered in 1lb trays. Pork is $12 per tray.
Mutton is $14 per tray.
Burgoo is $20 per gallon.
A whole chicken is $10.

I'd get there early so you don't miss out on some yummy BBQ.

Dave Spencer
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