This week we got a special surprise to celebrate National Nurses Week. Because of this, four of the nominated nurses from this week will get a $25 gift card to Texas Roadhouse.

Barb Birgy

This week on WBKR we've been honoring all of the amazing nurses in the area, based on your nominations. With our new contest, From the Front Lines to the Shore Lines five lucky nurses will spend time at the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama Beach, Florida. Those special nurses that didn't win the trip, have a chance to win something else delicious. Dinner at Texas Roadhouse! This is awesome.

Josh Cook

Josh and Devin Cook stopped by the radio station earlier this week with a special note (shown below) and a mission. With the note was four $25 gift cards to Texas Roadhouse. The mission was to bless nurses during National Nurses Week in honor of Sara Vance. Josh said that they wanted to remain anonymous (I scratched their name off the note). But, you know that I wouldn't allow that to happen! I convinced them, reluctantly to allow me to reveal their names. I thank them because kindness by others can go a long way! And, send those four well-deserving nurses to a night out on the town.

Chad & Angel will announce those winning nurses on Monday morning, along with the final winning nurse that will be heading to PCB. We just want to thank all our nurses for their hard work, passion, dedication, and commitment, not just during National Nurses Week, but every day. The sacrifices you make don't go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe and healthy!

Sara Vance

And, a special thank you to Sara Vance. You are loved by many and we appreciate your service. #hero

Josh Cook

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