I've always heard about Ghost Towns on movies and in television shows but never really knew they existed so I started researching to see where the ones were in Kentucky.  I was surprised to find one right down HWY 431!I discovered that most of the Ghost Towns were originally coal mining towns.  The coal mines brought an abundance of jobs to Kentucky but when they declined they left behind closed businesses and empty homes in what were once flourishing communities.

I was really surprised to find out that one of those coal mining town rests just a short drive from us in Muhlenberg County.  Located 10 and a half miles north-east of Greenville  it what was formerly called Stom's Landing.  Paradise was once a trading post on the Green River torn down in 1967 by the Tennessee Valley Authority because of several health concerns from a nearby coal-burning electric plant, Paradise Fossil Plant.  Singer/Song Writer, John Prine, even wrote a song about Paradise, Kentucky.

If you want to check out some of the other Ghost Towns in Kentucky find their stories here.

List of Ghost Towns according to Wikepedia
Bells Mines
Blue Heron
Burgess Railroad Station
Camp Nelson
Fort Boonesborough
Golden Pond
Hensley Settlement
Pleasant Hill


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