Isn't it enough that all the rain we've had this year makes the occurrences of snakes and kissing bugs more prevalent? Shouldn't that REALLY be enough?

I say "yes," but I'm not in charge.

So, by all means, bring on the giant water bugs or, as they've known to be called, "toe-biters."

Pretty much says it all.

I read about these creepy crawlies being a huge Summer-of-2019 issue in Georgia and that compelled me to check their "availability" here in Kentucky.

And, yep, whether or not you want them to be, they are available.

The University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture tells us that while they're easy to spot since they don't closely resemble other bugs, they have a bite that hurts.

Those pincers look serious, don't they?

There's still lots of summertime left, lots of opportunities to enjoy various and sundry bodies of water.

But, beware. Even though they aren't as prevalent in Kentucky as they are farther south, they ARE here and could make for a very unpleasant surprise when you're dipping your toe into the cool water.

They're also known as water roaches and electric light bugs. But I think "toe-biter" pretty much tells the tale we need to hear.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer. And if you plan to wade in a lake or a pond or a stream, just check your surroundings first.

The bites are harmless, but they're also a real killjoy.

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