Kathy and I took our two youngest grandchildren for day Saturday while their Mom worked. It's been a long time since we had a 3 and 5 yr old in the house for an extended period without backup. Our oldest granddaughter, Brittani 16, also had to work. Brittani is usually our backup when babysitting chores are required and other than few complaints she does the job flawlessly.

Saturday was going to be easy. After all we raised two kids with not losses and we had them for almost two decades. A 10-11 hour period for one Saturday was going to be a piece of cake.

WRONG !!!!! I may have to take a vacation day on Monday just to rest up. The kids were great but they certainly have energy. I think their Mother feeds them too much. Nobody has that much energy naturally.

I picked them up at Sandy's (our daughter and their Mother) work a little before 8am. From their is was constant question and comments during the driver to Dee's Diner. Kids eat breakfast free with a paid adult meal. I was going to save money, one of my favorite pasttimes. Kathy (my wife of almost 40 yrs and the Mother of the girls Mom met us there)


Lexie is 5 and going into kindergarten this fall. She has lost some teeth, learned to county in Spanish and is large and in charge. Chloe is the 3yr old. I dont understand a darn thing she says but she says it with such intensity it is amusing. What one of these girls doesn't think of the other will.

One thing I discovered early in the day, the girls have weak bladders.  They went to the bathroom three times during breakfast. Once again right after we go in the van to leave Dee's Diner. Four times in less than an hour has got to be some kind of record for a non pregnant person.


From breakfast we went to the Farmers Market on New Hartford Rd. The girls seemed to love that. Lot's of people, fresh veggies and fruit and it was easy to wander away from the grandparents. Finally we rounded em up and headed home with green peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe melon, squash and broccoli.  The kids love broccoli and I need to work on that because something is wrong when kids love that stuff.


Next was pool time . Lexie can touch the bottom this year and loves to go underwater and swim. Chloe is required to wear ear plugs to keep the water out the the darn things never stay in. Kathy and I stayed busy working on the ear things for the next couple of hours. Finally it seemed as though they were wearing out. Must be time for Mom to return from work right? Wrong.

It was only 12:45 and time for lunch. Again to help out Nana (and me too) we took them out for lunch. After eating back home and a little TV. The Darrell Waltrip Hometown Hero show was on Speed. The girls fell asleep. One on the couch the other on my lap. That's when I had to go to the bathroom. It always happens.

Mom arrived around 5pm. The girls were ready to go back in the pool so I took them. This time without Nana or anybody else. I handled the job flawlessly.

Dinner prepared by Nana and Mom was great. Brittani got home in time to help and swim for a bit before going to watch a movie at her boyfriends house. I made sure his parents were going to be home.

After a quick cantaloupe dessert the girls kissed us goodbye and left. Kathy and I tried to watch a little TV but we both fell asleep. Sometime during the night first Kathy and then I made it upstairs to bed.

I now know first hand why God gave kids to the young. They are the only ones who can survive the challenge on a daily basis.  I wonder if there is a bootcamp for grandparents who raise their grandkids? I think there is.....they call is an asylum.

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