If golf is your priority for 2023, there's one course in Missouri that was just named the best in the state by the preeminent golf publication in the world.

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Unlike a lot of internet "best of" lists, this isn't just one blogger's opinion. This is Golf Magazine and they used a lot of science to determine which course is best in Missouri. According to the methodology they shared, they asked a group of 100 panelists to rate different courses based on a number of variables. They assigned what they call "buckets" which each panelist uses to rate the courses. Here's a snippet of where it goes from there:

Points were assigned to each bucket; to arrive at an average score for each course, we divide its aggregate score by the number of votes. From those point tallies, the courses are then ranked accordingly.

Like I said, science...or at least golf science. So, out of all of the golf courses in Missouri, which one did they rate #1? St. Louis Country Club.

How exclusive is St. Louis Country Club's golf course? You should see their dress code. They encourage "overdressing" and add the following:

To note: ripped jeans, workout clothes and men’s hats inside are never appropriate

Well, there goes my plans to play St. Louis Country Club at some point. Me and my Caddyshack loving friends would never fit in there. Darn it.

Oh, well. That didn't stop St. Louis Country Club being named #1 in the state of Missouri. If anything, me not being allowed there helped their cause.

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