I love motorhomes. If or when I ever get one, I will move into it. It will be my address. Maybe we'll pull a Nomadland one day and tour the country.

Regardless, I am completely enamored of the best gift ever given to the long-distance road warrior. It was just seven years ago that my family was staying with my uncle in Silver City, New Mexico, and I was offered his motorhome as my guest bedroom; they were out of space in the house. I reacted like a little kid.

And since I love them so much, I looked into some great places you can park your big old RV in Kentucky and just veg out, check out, chill out, and hang out.


While the hills may not be alive with the sound of music--and you certainly won't be seeing Julie Andrews frolic across a mountaintop while you're there--it IS called the Singing Hills RV Park and Campground and it's in Cave City.

Since Singing Hills is in Cave City, the top nearby attraction is Mammoth Cave National Park. It's kind of a no-brainer. It seems like Singing Hills is a popular stopping point for travelers who have Mammoth Cave on their itinerary, but there are a lot of other fun things to do in and around Cave City. And it's not that far from Bowling Green, either.


If you bought your motorhome with the intent of REALLY hitting the road (who doesn't, come to think of it?), then head to Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. Before you go, know that the park's lodge and restaurant are closed until further notice, according to its website, but you're in a MOTORHOME. You have your own lodge and restaurant. And once you get to Jenny Wiley, you have amazing views of the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

And if you plan on pulling a vehicle behind your motorhome--always a great idea--hop in and head toward U.S. Highway 23, also known as the Country Music Highway in Kentucky. Legends like Dwight Yoakam, Ricky Skaggs, Patty Loveless, and none other than Loretta Lynn all were born or grew up along that stretch and there are points of interest along the way.


Just a little southwest of Lexington, on the Kentucky River, you'll find Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground. It's a beautiful setting for camping and the facility makes sure its patrons have a blast. Weekends bring food trucks and live music, and there are scenic walking paths, a disc golf mini-course, a swimming pool, and a boat launch.

Additionally, there are highly-recommended restaurants in nearby Harrodsburg and Danville, not to mention the fact that you would practically be right on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

By the way, if it feels like I'm deliberately avoiding Land Between the Lakes, well...I am. I don't think anyone needs ME to sell them on the virtues of camping at LBL. That's why I'm focusing on some places that are possibly lesser-known, like, for example...


You'll find General Burnside Island State Park square up in the middle of the Cumberland River/Lake Cumberland area. It's just south of Somerset. Oh, and there's this...there's a reason "island" is in the name; it's ON and island. That's right, you can wheel that motorhome onto an island and just start chilling out.

And then after you've finished chilling out, you can go boating, play 18 holes on an award-winning golf course, go swimming, or visit nearby Cumberland Falls. And don't forget your fishing gear.


I have to say that the state parks are among my favorite things about Kentucky. The hills, the lakes, the rivers...it's all good. And there are high-profile parks and locations that would make for a great camping weekend.

But don't forget about the more obscure, off-the-beaten-path campgrounds. You may have the time of your life.

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