The above is the mantra of a unique group of volunteers in our community. It is the Green River Asset Building Coalition and they do much more than prepare taxes for free. The mission is simple : To help working low and moderate income families become more economically self-sufficient. How they do that is unique. They do it with a select group of dedicated Volunteers who work with clients for free. They teach tax filing, budgeting, saving and also help those who don't normally file taxes see if they are are in the 20% that should get money back thru the Earn Income Credit but don't because they fail to file.

Tax filing is free thru the remainder of the Tax Season at these locations.


Many people lose as much as 25% by going to places that offer "Tax Refund Loans".  If your refund is $1000, you can lose up to 25 to 30% with one of these plans. The Asset Building Coalition can file electronically. Many clients get their State Refund is as little as 3 days and Federal refunds in 7-10 days. Thats not a bad deal in order to save $250 or more dollars.

Who is eligible? Individuals earning $30,000 or less or Families with an income of $50,000 or less. You may also enroll in financial planning classes that are going to be scheduled after Tax Season.

Tina Dillion, a trainer for the coalition volunteers, was on the Joe Lowe Morning Show Monday and talked about the work being done. She pointed out that in addition to preparing taxes, clients are given the opportunity to SAVE some of their refunds.

There are some items that clients must bring to have their taxes prepared.

Those wishing additional infomation on either being a volunteer or how you can benefit from this program as a client simply go to www.grabc.org.

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