This past Sunday was BEAUTIFUL. It was the kind of day I welcome so I can get out and explore Kentucky.

I decided to drive down through central Kentucky and take in all that Mammoth Cave National Park has to offer.

It was so nice, but everywhere I went within the park's realm I kept seeing signs indicating a detour to avoid the Green River Ferry.

That's because it is undergoing construction to make it more user-friendly. And it was supposed to be completed Friday, November 15th.

Well, scratch that.

If you frequent this area, this will now affect you until 2020.

In fact, the completion date for improvement to the Green River Ferry is set for early spring of 2020.

The Edmonson Voice spoke with Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Barclay Trimble, who indicated that it would just be better for visitors, businesses, staff, everyone if the project wasn't rushed.

When water is low or high, navigation of the Green River Ferry ramp becomes quite difficult.

The Ferry allows fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks to have easier river access. And the ramp serves as a parking area for hikers and trail users.

So, I guess since we're going into winter, there would be less need for this kind of access.

But we're still talking about a road that will need a detour for at least the next four months.

And for locals and those who use it as a shortcut, it could be a headache.

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