I was a fairly picky eater as a kid. At any given big meal, like Thanksgiving or at Christmas, I would only eat the main meat and some bread. The concept of a casserole or a potato that was sweet, no way. That said, I would say this list of the five most disliked Thanksgiving foods is right on the money. 

A Harris Poll has determined, out of 2,000 people surveyed, cranberry sauce is the most disliked Thanksgiving food. In fact, 46 percent called it "disgusting", however those who do prefer cranberry sauce buy the canned kind twice as much as fresh. I agree; the sight of that canned blob, ew.

Green bean casserole is the second-most disliked food. This is one I grew to love. though I must admit the smell and the taste of green beans is quite a journey to take on. The survey says even though many Americans don't like it, they make it every year.

In third, sweet potatoes, another acquired taste for me. I'll admit I'm still not that sweet on them. I think it's that whole "marshmallow, yam" combination. According to the poll, it doesn't matter how they're prepared, they are still a big offender.

Now, here's where the list takes a turn. 21 percent say they "loathe" pumpkin pie although 31 percent say it's their favorite. It's a standard and I like it though it's not my favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

Apparently, millenials are not fans of the traditional main course, the turkey. Oh, there have been random Thanksgivings where we didn't eat turkey, but it was very rare. Now serving something along with turkey has been a more common occurrence, mainly ham in my experience.

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