Greenwell Chisholm was celebrated at the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, Rooster Booster breakfast, this morning!

Greenwell Chisholm via Facebook

I have many dear friends that work at Greenwell Chisholm, so I was very happy that they were recognized. It was a big 100 Year Anniversary Celebration for a company that gives so much back to this community.

At the Rooster Booster breakfast this morning, Mayor Watson and Suzanne Miles recognized the company and their President, Carl Greenwell. After Carl went up to speak, he received a standing ovation. I had the chance to speak with him about how he felt after the heartfelt recognition.

Chris Arnold

Greenwell said, "All of this was unexpected. I just try to do the best job I can every day and don't expect recognition." When asked about the standing ovation he received after his speech, Carl reflected on what someone in attendance shared. "They told me that they've never seen a standing ovation for a sponsor at Rooster Booster. So, hopefully everyone liked what they heard."

Chris Arnold

The entire Greenwell team were on hand, including some past employees. Greenwell wrapped up his speech by adding, "The entire team at Greenwell Chisholm is our main strength. I have the best team".

When asked about the expansion project, he indicated that it's all in progress, but will just take some time for permits, etc. to get rolling. It's happening.

"In 100 years one thing has never changed: our commitment to quality and customer service. Those standards are the same now as they were when Greenwell Chisholm opened its doors in 1919"!

It was a beautiful morning!

Barb Birgy

Each year when Christmas Wish rolls around, I call the team at Greenwell Chisholm and ask if they would create the signage for our storefront in the mall. Every single year, they don't hesitate to help. They sponsor so many local events which is heartwarming. This is just who this wonderful company is. They care.

They care for each other every day at work. It's like they're one big, dedicated family. Generations have worked and built Greenwell Chisholm to what it is today.

All of us here at WBKR want to say congrats to 100 years of serving this community!