Beer lovers in Illinois are very excited about a world-famous brewery opening in Chicago.

Illinois Residents Love Their Beer

As long as I can remember, the people who live in Illinois loved drinking beer. Growing up it was basically Miller or Budweiser. Well in Chicago, Old Style. Now, there are so many different beers and breweries. Everyone has their favorites. Of course, there are some brewskis whose brand is famous worldwide. When they come to your state, it's very exciting.

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World Famous Beer Is Opening Brewery In Illinois

Look out Illinois because the world-famous Guinness is opening a brewery in the Windy City. That's definitely going to take Chicago's beer game to the next level. Open Gate Brewery will be located in the Fulton Market neighborhood. Illinois will be only the second U.S. home for the beer company. The other is located in Baltimore.

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Guinness Opening Brewery In Chicago

This new Guinness brewery will open this summer, which is perfect timing. It will be built in an old 15,000-square-foot train depot. There will be seating inside and outside available for customers. The business will be a combination of restaurant and taproom. The brewer will also have a bakery on location. They plan on working with local food pantries. Beers will rotate with about twelve available at a time. The owners also will create brands just for Chicago.

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Chicago is already one of the best cities to grab a drink during the summer, and soon Guinness will offer residents a new place to visit, as the Open Gate Brewery is set to open later this year.


That attraction offers tours, dining options, and a gift shop, as well as signature beers.

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