Owen and his family are celebrating today! 5 Years ago Owen was going to be born with Kidney failure and his Aunt Carrie stepped up and donated her kidney to save his life. Today marks the 5th Kidneyversary of this amazing selfless act.

Here are the words written by Owens's Mother Tyler celebrating this miraculous day!

April 3 is always a day where words seem to fail me. In 5 years time I've yet to find the right words to adequately thank the one who saved my son. How do I express my love and gratitude to the one who selflessly gave of herself, and who willingly bore much pain to save my baby? The one who so closely demonstrated Christ's love? Thank you. Thank you a million times over. Thank you for the giggles I hear, the running feet I chase and the belly I tickle with a beautiful scar I kiss. Thank you for 5 amazing years. Thank you for listening and knowing. For not wavering. Thank you for saving Owen!

Here is the story of Carrie and Owen!





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