In 2019 Pastor Mark Sowersby went through a time of great healing.

Forgiving The Nightmare.
Forgiving the Nightmare
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The abuse began when Mark's mother remarried a man twenty years younger. Mark was seven years old at the time and this is when the nightmare began. This man began sexually and physically abusing Mark and also sold him to other men who would do the same. This sexual and physical abuse continued until Mark was fourteen.

Mark was invited to church by a high school girl he had a crush on. She just so happened to be a lifeguard and helped save Mark in so many ways. He joined the church youth group and this became the turning point of his life. The youth group accepted Mark as they each went out of their way to make him feel a part of their church group.

From there Mark accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and the healing process began. It took some time for Mark to heal from all the years of abuse and pain. Mark also lost 100 pounds as the Lord helped him shed the weight that he hid behind. He also learned how to forgive the people who had abused and mistreated him.
His book is a remarkable story of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing. You will not want to put this book down once you start reading!

Jesus is our Hope!

You can find his book, Forgiving the Nightmare on Amazon

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