Angel here and y'all know I love to shop and I love a good bargain.  My bargain of the week looks a bit different today.  I recently scored a major bargain off Wish and had to share it with you.

Wish has both an app and a website that gives you awesome deals on different types of goods for extremely cheap prices.  I know you're thinking there has to be a catch and you would be exactly right to some extent.

First, the items come from China.  For instance, usually with an online shopping experience you by from a retailer.  With Wish you are getting your item directly from the factory.  It takes a bit more time to receive the item and sometimes the item isn't what you ordered at all.  While other times you will be pleasantly surprised at how absolutely legit they are.

I have been wanting a Louis Vuitton or as Charlotte calls it Louis Guitar for sometime now.  The particular purse I wanted if bought in the LV store will run around $1500-$2200 it is called the LV Neverfull.  So, that's not even in our budget as a family no way shape or form not even if we got like 10 stimulus checks ain't happening.  In true Angel Welsh fashion I began my bargain shopping research and found that Wish sold LV handbags.

My first thought is how "real" do they look?  So I ordered one and guess what?!  It looked identical to the picture on the website.  It wasn't my favorite but the first round order was an experiment.  Next, I found the exact $1500 purse I have been dying to buy and ordered it for less than $100.

Here's the deal it took about six weeks to get to me but it looks so real I have had people tell me how much they love my purse and how did I afford it?  I always happily reply "It's FAKE!"  Then I share my secret because if you know me you know I don't care what other people think and it looks good!

I have also bought other products off Wish that are super expensive otherwise.


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