John Calipari hates post-season conference tournaments. HATES! Like the way I hate licorice or the word "fisticuffs." (Geez, I even hate typing it). Yeah, no love lost between the two. So here's his idea...

Move the SEC Tournament from March to November.


To be fair, many John Calipari suggestions can be met with "WHAT?!?" until you realize why he might be saying them. Or maybe until you actually agree with them.

Calipari believes that the SEC Tournament and conference tournaments, in general, have no effect on seeding for the NCAA Tournament.

He cites the 2016 Big Dance in which Kentucky received a 4-seed after winning the SEC Tournament. The team the Wildcats beat, Texas A&M, got a 3-seed.

Calipari may be only half right.

I believe that the TIME of the SEC Tournament is more of a factor.

I've long heard former selection committee members say that the seeds are pretty much set by Sunday.

Maybe they should back ALL conference tournament games up and have all the tourneys end on Saturday.

But backing the SEC Tournament up all the way to November?

While I kind of like the idea, because it's so out of the box AND because I believe it's harder to win the regular season championship than the conference tournament, I don't see it happening.

But I do believe the SEC needs to do SOMETHING to jazz up its basketball profile.

No major conference with 14 teams should EVER just be getting THREE into the Big Dance.