Hay, gurl! Hay!  And, yes, pun intended.  If you're driving to Owensboro on Hwy 431 this Fall, you're likely to get a glimpse of some fun, wacky Halloween faces on display roadside at Trunnell's Farm Market.


This display is a new addition at Trunnell's Family Fun Acre at Trunnell's Farm Market on Hwy 431 just outside Owensboro.  According to owner Kevin Trunnell, they wanted "to create a place full of happiness.  And, when you see these happy 'pumpkin' faces they put a smile on your face!"

The pieces are the work of Mykayla Spurgeon, who, clearly, is a very imaginative and creative member of the Trunnell's staff.  Kevin and Julie Trunnell simply told her what they were thinking and she created what you see.

The faces make an absolutely perfect Fall photo opp.  So, get your cell phones.  Assume selfie position.  And say, "Hay, Gurl!  Hay!"  Oh, and "Cheese!" works too.

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