Ah, spring. We welcome it enthusiastically because the majority of us--no proof, but I think I'm right--just don't like winter. Outside of a very few features, there's not much to like.

Plus, spring gives us baseball, dogwoods in bloom, festivals, and WARMTH. It also gives us...(cue the dramatic "dun dun dun!")...BUGS.

They shrugged off the cold pretty quickly this year. Something I didn't recognize but was about an inch long, crawled across my carpet the other night. I scooped it up and escorted it outside.

And, Lord, the damselflies. But I digress.

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Earlier today, I was driving to the store, and as I was going down St. Ann Street, I drove through a cloud of bugs that I honestly did not see until I went through them. They must have had some heft to them since I heard and felt quite a few rapid-fire thuds. On the plus side, they didn't leave any of their guts on my windshield.

Now, clearly, I didn't and couldn't get a good look at them so I have nothing to offer in terms of a description. And I don't think it was bees; I know they swarm but not like that. And searching for something like this is not easy on Google.

I tried "bug clouds in Kentucky," "insects that swarm in Kentucky," "insects that swarm in the spring," among others. Nothing really gave me what I'm looking for.

I found something about mayflies, but I don't think those were the culprits. They're aquatic insects that I recognized once I saw the picture. I've seen them plenty of times at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley and they absolutely come in numbers.

What I drove through today wasn't them. So I ask you, what kind of bugs do you think I drove through today?

This inquiring mind wants to know.

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