Daniel Morales, a New York City homeless man, got more out of 140 characters than he ever expected when an initiative called Underheard in New York supplied him with a pre-paid cell phone and access to Twitter -- he got to reunite with his estranged daughter. Underheard aims to give a (digital) voice to those often ignored by society, their website states:

In a time when communication is all around us, we felt it was necessary to give a voice to the people who needed it most.

Morales and his daughter were separated when she moved to the US with her mother from their native Puerto Rico and not communicated until this week, when Morales used Twitter to locate her. She sent out a tweet with his cell phone number and attached a picture of her as a girl. She contacted him the next day and the two were soon reunited.

You can follow Morales on Twitter at @putodanny.

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