The Dazzling Dayliles Festival returns to the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden this weekend. With it comes something new and exciting. Hot Air Balloons will be in the garden to kick off the week long event.

Hot Air Balloons are an incredible sight anytime but during this festival they will not only add to the beauty of the Daylilies but they will bring in a crowd of people who may have never been to the Botanical Garden site on Hwy 60 w.

It has been many years since the hot air balloons have been in Owensboro and they are a welcome sight. These colorful flying machines have made a big comeback in recent years with events going on around the country almost every week. The website is filled with events (many free) featuring the colorful masterpieces.

This weekend there will be balloon rides both tethered and free flight, balloon glows, and more all


featuing great photo oportunities.


Dr. Bill Tyler was on the Joe Lowe Morning Show Monday and talked about the weeklong event.

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