The Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is  a great place for adults with an interest in gardening, plants, trees and beauty. What many don't realize is how great it is for kids. There is always plenty for the children to do whenever they visit.

The Garden is where kids can experience the seasons, learn about the cycle of life, how plants grown and what Nature adds to our everyday life. Food, shelter, beauty it's a life lesson everytime you visit the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.

With that said image the fun your kids will have at the weeklong Kid's Kamp at the Garden  July 16 - 20. The camp will run from 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon each day next week.

Kamp is open to all kids between the ages of  7 - 10.  The cost is only $75 for the entire week.

Kids will learn all sorts of stuff about nature --Butterflies -- and Herbs (in food for flavor).


There will be time in the Conservatory and the Playhouse. But space is limited. 


To Register:

Call:  270-852-8925

Kid's Kamp at the Garden means a great time for all kids and a time away from the little ones for Mom. Better call and reserve a spot today.

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