Pat Boone probably performed at the Executive Inn Showroom Lounge during its time on Earth, but I'm not 100% sure. It just seems like something he would have done.

But if he did, or if he ever was in Owensboro, I never met him, despite the fact that I used to introduce a lot of the acts that performed at the Exec.

No, I met Pat Boone in Florida and here's how.

First of all, Jaclyn's trip to Disney and hearing a Pat Boone Christmas song, recently, sort of came together in my head and I remembered this story.

When I was 13, my family and another family traveled together to Disney (back in the Dark Ages when it was only the Magic Kingdom). We stayed at the Contemporary Hotel, which I thought was extra cool because the monorail ran right through.

(Actually, I still think that's extra cool.)

Dad wanted to go up to the top of the hotel and get a look at the view of the park and I wanted to go with him.


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images



We got off the elevator on the top floor and across whatever that big room was, there was Pat Boone.

I guess he was performing there, or something.

Anyway, Dad walked right across the floor to him and said, "Well, Pat Boone! How in the world are ya?"

Like he'd know him all his life.

And Pat was a classy guy and reciprocated with a handshake and some conversation.

Then we went on our way.

Dad was pretty laid back about it.

Me, on the other hand? Well, I was 13 and pretty slack-jawed.

We just walked up to Pat Boone and started talking. Well, Dad did.

That could never happen today. Everyone even remotely famous is flanked by security every second of their lives.

But, yeah, that's how I met Pat Boone. In Florida, at the Contemporary Hotel.

Back when I was in college, we called that a Brush with Greatness.