Household chores may be among the most-hated tasks, but the digital era has introduced a whole new layer of annoyance to our lives: website usernames and passwords.

And given a choice, many people would rather do some pretty icky stuff than to create one just more set of online credentials.

A new survey of more than 2,000 American adults by technology company Janrain revealed half of respondents have to keep track of five or more unique website passwords, and almost a third must remember at least 10.

Coming up with yet another unique log-in is so dreaded that 38 percent of those polled said they’d rather scrub toilets, and the same percentage said they think it’d be easier to solve world peace than to recall all their passwords.

“With all of the different websites consumers log in to on a regular basis — from email and social networks to online banking and ecommerce sites — it’s no wonder people are struggling to remember such a large number of passwords,” said Larry Drebes, Janrain’s CEO.

But there’s hope. Drebes suggests “creating strong, secure passwords that are changed regularly for the identities [consumers] use the most,” which will help “take their identity across the web instead of registering or creating a new password at every site they visit.”

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