That's my dog Ellie.  And she clearly has a bad case of static cling!  It's a pretty common condition with pets during the dry winter months.  I can't even pet my cat without us both getting electrocuted with shock.  But there may be a way to cure your pets of the problem.

Well, before we get to that . . . check out this video I found on YouTube.  It's hilarious and it demonstrates just how big a problem static cling can be for your pets.  It makes them have REALLY bad hair days!


Okay, so here's how to avoid shocking your pets when you try and pet them during the winter months. And this info comes from my friend Dr. Laura Richey from Kentuckiana Animal Clinic on 18th Street in Owensboro.  She suggests the following steps:

#1- Increase the humidity in your house by using a humidifier.

#2- Various pet conditioners/detanglers are on the market and you can spray those on your pets' hair or their brushes.

#3- There are also oil treatments available for pets that are leave-in.  Dr. Richey uses a brand called Cowboy Magic.  She uses this for her show horses, but says it would be fine for dogs too.

So, there you are.  Some helpful tips from a real pro.  And, check this out.  This guy has totally figured it out too.  And his remedy is simple, but genius!